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“Neftekhimik” “Jokerit”: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

In contrast to the �big Tatars�, the �hot Finnish guys� could not do anything, and in…

In contrast to the �big Tatars�, the �hot Finnish guys� could not do anything, and in creation they did nothing at all from the word �in general�. Now they will try to cope with the “little Tatars”, and this task looks more feasible, but far from easy. Because psychology will fully work against the Finns. “Neftekhimik” will be entirely positive, their pucks have already paved the way into other people’s gates, and not one or two. �Jokerit�, on the contrary, is all in thought: they say, what are we doing wrong, that the puck does not go into the goal.

Let’s not forget that Neftekhimik traditionally approached the start of the season at full steam. �Little Tatars� are not included in the oligarchs, so it is necessary to forge iron while the older brothers give. And “Jokerit”, again, on the contrary, got used to the season to start rolling, getting into shape already on the go.

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In general, everything goes to the fact that in the second home match “Neftekhimik” will be the favorite, albeit not as obvious as in the first. The Finns, of course, will try to rebuild, and it will be interesting to see what they do with it. But, in my opinion, the psychological advantage of Nizhnekamsk should turn into a scoring advantage, and they will be able to score at least one goal more than the Finns. Moreover, in regular time. But it may well turn out that the pucks launched by the master’s hands will fly into the desired “wicket” just as cheerfully as in the first game of the season.

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